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That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar 24 x 30ml (2021 Edition)

About this calendar

What happens when the likes of That Boutique-y Gin Company and Drinks by the Dram team up to create a lip-smacking way for gin enthusiasts to count down to Christmas? They create That Boutique-y Gin Company’s very own Advent Calendar, of course! There will be no tiny squares of chocolate for you to find here – instead, you’ll be discovering 24 different 30ml wax-sealed sample drams of incredible, inventive, immensely tasty gin from the Boutique-y selection. If you reckon your Advent could do with some junipery excellence (or if you know a gin fan in need of a brilliant gift), you have found the way to make that happen!

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  • Chocolate Cherry Gin
  • Double-Barrelled Gin – Cotswolds
  • Smoked Rosemary Gin
  • Monastic Gin – Blackwater
  • Proper Pink Gin
  • Moonshot Gin
  • Cherry Gin
  • Pan-Pacific Gin – Farallon Gin
  • Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin
  • Mojito Gin – Conker Spirit
  • Yuzu Gin
  • CitroLondon Dry Gin – Fifty Eight Gin Distillery
  • Chocolate Orange Gin
  • Louche Lemon Decadence Gin
  • Cucamelon Gin
  • Bush Tucker Gin – Chilgrove Spirits
  • Neroli Gin
  • Port-Barrelled Pink Gin – Salcombe Distilling Co.
  • Finger Lime Gin
  • GINgle All The Way
  • Squeezed Yuzu Gin
  • From Lima With Love Gin – London to Lima
  • Honey Pomelo Gin
  • Rhubarb Triangle Gin

Please note: There’s a chance that some contents may change, but have no fear, friends. The 24 drams you’ll find in your Advent Calendar will always be of appropriate value and slot into the assortment seamlessly.


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