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Hernö Navy Strength Gin 57% 500ml

About this gin

A Navy Strength, small batch gin from the Swedish distillery Hernö. Navy Strength means that gunpowder would still ignite if some of the high-strength gin was spilt on it. Not sure how much gunpowder a Swedish artisan gin distillery is going to come into contact with, but it’s still a fantastic gin!

Tasting Note

Nose: Fresh as a huge bundle of daisies, although we didn’t smell any daisies. We would have changed it to “Fresh as a big bundle of pine trees and herbs”, but that doesn’t make much sense.

Palate: For a Navy strength gin, it’s surprisingly mild, certainly milder than the regular Herno Dry. It’s geared much more towards a creamy, vanilla taste.

Finish: A modern, tasty gin from a cold country that would greatly suit a warm day.



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