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Hernö Gin 40.5% 500ml

About this gin

With a tagline like “Swedish Excellence”, we were expecting big things from this Hernö Gin. Then we did some more research and discovered Hernö won the most awards at the Gin Masters 2013 – our expectations went up even higher, to the point where we could see Sweden from our office! They’re just lucky the gin matched those expectations, because we now know where they live…

Tasting Note

Nose: It certainly came from the north, as the smell of pine trees bursts out of the bottle. A sweet juniper and spicy coriander balance out the mix.

Palate: Slightly muted vanilla, allowing the herbs take the limelight (by limelight, we mean there is also some nice citrus too).

Overall: An absolute blast. This is a perfect introduction for Swedish gin to make. It’s like it turned up at your door with flowers, chocolates and a fancy hat.



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