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ARCHIE ROSE SMOKED GIN 40% 700ML (Limited Release)

An intense smoked gin featuring ironbark smoked water, juniper, native thyme, wattleseed, caraway and a small amount of distilled chocolate malt this is the second release under the Archie Rose Concepts label, reserved for our rarest and most experimental releases.

This gin is a result of the R&D phase of our Summer Gin Project creating Bush and Coast Gins which saw our Master Distiller Dave Withers experiment with melting huge hunks of ice into water using sustainably sourced NSW ironbark next door in the wood-fired oven of Three Blue Ducks, Rosebery. Just like our Bush Gin Smoked Gin brings to life the character of our most challenging yet iconic season serving as a bookend to our Summer Gin series.

The palate is dry and savoury with rich earthy notes and roasted nuts along with accents of barbecue and a blush colour. It sings when served with grapefruit juice, soda water or in citrus forward prohibition classics like a Penicill-Gin next to smoked meats, barbecued prawns and wood-fired bread.

Explore detailed tasting and spirit production notes for Smoked Gin via Spirit Data.


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